Praise And Support From Around The World

“You have the premier community renewal building model in the nation. I’ve never seen a more exciting opportunity than what I see here in Shreveport.” – the late Millard Fuller, founder, Habitat for Humanity; president, The Fuller Center for Housing

“A lot of cities are struggling to build community and CRI is a model for what cities all across America need. I applaud you.” – Paul Farmer, executive director and CEO, American Planning Association

“I’ve seen cities where nothing works. Here, they are weaving together a community that works and I believe in what they are doing. I recharge my batteries here.” – Tom Jarriel, retired ABC News correspondent

“CRI is refreshingly practical in its approach to restoring a caring community. What they are doing has a reach and power I’ve not seen before.” – Larry Faulkner, former president, Houston Endowment, Inc.; past president, University of Texas

“I’m always impressed with what Community Renewal is doing. It’s a real blessing. When every person in the community knows somebody cares, we are all stronger. This shows our students they can serve and they can make a positive difference.” – Ollie Tyler, Mayor, City of Shreveport

“A lot of public value and a lot of public activities are realized through the work of organizations like Community Renewal International. It’s certainly an exciting organization. Everybody impressed me. The couples who live in the Friendship Houses are very special, very committed people. It’s really moving.” – Howard Husock, director, Case Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

“The National Center for Community Renewal can be a candle to light the whole city and an inspiration to the world. This is not just a concept. It’s a proven reality that works.” – John Dalton, former Secretary of the U.S. Navy

“There is no better organization in Shreveport, or in the country, that does a better job of rebuilding neighborhoods than Community Renewal International.” – David Toms, professional golfer

“This is a great work in our community to help our kids have a place to go where they feel the friendship and the love that they feel in these Friendship Houses. We’re happy to be able to help. They’re doing a tremendous job.” – Hal Sutton, professional golfer

“Community Renewal is one of those valuable efforts that begins with dreams, an attitude that unchangeable is changeable and incredible confidence in the human spirit.” – Jack Sharp, former president, Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana

“I applaud what you are doing and the pillars you stand on. There is now peace and quiet in areas that were once No-Man’s-Land and that’s refreshing.” – Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator


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“Many people have had their dreams crushed and through the power of friendship we give them the courage to dream again.”

– Mack McCarter, founder