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Crime plummets in Friendship House areas

Crime has fallen dramatically in the five low-income areas where Community Renewal operates neighborhood Friendship Houses, according to recent reports by the Shreveport and Bossier City Police Departments. Major crime has dropped an average of 52 percent in the four Friendship House areas in Shreveport and the one in Bossier City.

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Dreams flourish in a CRI Friendship House

Aaliyah Burns dreams of being a doctor. Only 12 years old, she is one of several Friendship House youth who recently participated in a six-week medical careers program. A seed was planted there and Community Renewal has been helping to nourish that dream ever since.

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I want the world to know there is hope!

My life started off having a terrible childhood. My dad went to prison when I was 4 and remained in prison throughout my childhood. I got put in foster care at the age of 13. Then I got abducted and raped, after a year of being in foster care, while walking to a friend’s house.

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