Finding Purpose And Passion In Renewal

Successful businesswoman impacts her block – and the world.

“Community Renewal has trained and nurtured me and I am jumping up and down inside because of what God has done for me in my life. I thank Community Renewal for their commitment to me and to you and to every person who lives in the Shreveport-Bossier area, and ultimately in cities and nations all around the world.

“I’ve come to tell you that Community Renewal is the real thing. It is made up of a proven methodology that is adaptable to reach any person in any neighborhood and provide them with a way to cut to what is crucially important to people in all societies, and that is for neighbors to know and interact with one another. It is an innate need of ours to connect.

“Five years ago I found myself searching for a charity organization I could support. I needed something more significant to work for each day than just accomplishments and money. Up to this point, I had lived my life focused on achievements and making a name for myself. I strived to be the best I could at any cost. Relationships mattered very little.

“Community Renewal provided me the road to get out of my self-centered world that had led me to disappointment and even depression. They walked with me as I developed into a more compassionate person who now values people and relationships more than ever.

“God commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. This past Tuesday night, my husband and I had 38 adults and 16 kids on our block come over for dinner in the midst of a thunderstorm. Our new friends at Chick-fil-A made it easy for us. It was an occasion that changed the face of my block. These people came out in a torrential downpour because they were tired of not being connected.

“I believe there are far more people than you or I realize out there isolated in their homes and in themselves for various reasons, lonely in their existence, waiting for someone to care. We don’t know who these people are.

“I have found my purpose and passion in Community Renewal and I will partner with them the rest of my life to impact my street, my community and ultimately the world – one block at a time.

“God has inspired this model for us to reach the lost. Through it we will experience the joy of living and we might just save ourselves.”

Editor’s Note: Haven House Leader Paige Hoffpauir, co-owner of real estate/development firm Ramsey-Hoffpauir Associates, served as one of our special speakers at our Cornerstone Campaign banquet. We share excerpts from her talk with you here.