Meet LaSherrica Burkes

Meet LaSherrica Burkes

LaSherrica Burkes has been attending the Allendale Friendship House after-school programs for the past five years. “I like the environment,” said LaSherrica. “It’s safe. Not only do you come here to meet new people, but you learn about God too.”

The picture above is from a service project the Operation H.O.P.E. youth had before the Christmas break. LaSherrica and many other CRI youth went door-to-door passing out candy canes and giving blankets to the elderly neighbors in Allendale.

Not only does Community Renewal improve the lives of children and youth in our target areas, but CRI also helps them improve the lives of others by giving back.

With your prayers and support, children and youth like LaSherrica are able to be part of creating a safe and caring community.


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February 11, 2015