“Truly a model that is renewing the entire city”

One of the first things that Dianne Schick realized and liked about Community Renewal is that this is a work not just for a few, but for all.

“I like that Community Renewal is building relationships that go across the city. This is truly a model that is renewing the entire city,” she said.

“Just look at how the crime rate has gone down in the Friendship House neighborhoods. But Community Renewal is not just for those communities – it’s for all communities. We need it in Southern Trace just as much as any other neighborhood does.”

Woody and Dianne Schick were introduced to Community Renewal by a friend who suggested they take a tour. He did and then she did. (CRI tours are conducted monthly.) They liked what they saw and got involved. Today they are Haven House leaders and Dianne has hosted a block party, brought friends on CRI tours and helped with other events.

“God calls us to love our neighbors and that can be a challenge when people are so busy. But building relationships is important. When you don’t care about your neighbors, that’s when things start to fall apart,” she said.

“We all need relationships and especially relationships outside the family. God made us to love and help other people get out of our self-centered souls.”

Dianne hosted a block party in her cul-de-sac last fall. Although retired, she and Woody are still busy themselves, including raising their teenage grandson. But she found that the effort it took to put on a block party was well worth it.

“We were able to really visit and we got to know each other better. You have more opportunity for caring and loving when you find out someone is sick or going through a hard time,” she said.

“We plan to do a block several times a year. We all liked it and we all need that. I absolutely feel like a block party and getting to know your neighbors is worth the effort. God has placed us all here and we need to learn to love each other and love our diversity.”